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Im having some people at home but I forgot to make my beans do you sale one item by it self i need beans can i get them

Yes tell them you want a large side of beans

Do they accept ebt?

They do now👍

Why doesn't Louis burger have any food delivery? Grub Hub or anything.

To fast pace this spot stay crowded...I guess that's probably why ..

Does Louis Burger's in Compton accept EBT food hot meal

Dont think so

How you charge .99 for using my debit card to purchase food from your business then I see a 2.50 additional charge for the same transaction??

Your bank has charged you 2.50, the ATM charged you .99 cents. Best to use cash.

Do they take ABT?


Is breakfast served all day?

From what I remember yes it is. Easiest thing to do is call them and ask

This place is the best ever. The staff is great, the food is very good no matter what you order. I recommend it to everyone.

I was waiting for my food and got jacked by police there! Don't smoke by the door! They will think you are panhandler or if female hooker because of location! They (the cops) stole my i.d. and cuffed me. Until my i.d. came back clean. And my friend came out with the food. It was horrible! This is why the police are hated. They were rude and the manager of Louie's was angry! But the food is exellent. And I complained about the cops to watch commander LASO is replacing my i.d. free of charge. And they were disaplined. No pay I hope.They have the best chili fries in town.

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